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Commission work is unique and presents its own set of challenges. I enjoy these projects due to the sentiment the client or recipient feels when the painting is presented. The painting can invoke a strong emotional connection from a time and place. For me, that connection is priceless.

My client was seeking an artist to complete a painting for a memorial event honoring 

her Mom. The farm was a special place where her mom grew up playing with her cousins. Today it is currently owned and operated by Ricker Hill Orchards as part of their event space and tasting room. The morning I was attending the memorial started out dreary and raining. As I drove to the farm the weather cleared and the sky was scattered with an amazing display of clouds. Luck? Maybe. Was her Mom looking down on us all that day? Probably. 

The cabin tucked away among the towering trees was a gift to Nancy many years ago from Eliot. Her husband, knowing how much she loved her space, wanted a painting back home in Massachusetts to remind her of this wonderful place. Eliot found me through another artist friend who graciously contacted me about this request. What I love about this painting were the trees. What I loved even more was the fact that Nancy immediately noticed them too!

This home belongs to the grandparents of the family that commissioned the painting. The painting was a gift for the clients Dad. A few weeks after receiving the painting, the Dad called his son to share with him how much the painting meant to him. The painting achieved what my client and I hoped it would and now is a family heirloom they will cherish for generations. 

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